Top 6 Far-Right Code Words Conservatives use.

A Supporter of US President Donald Trump casually stands holding a Confederate Flag in the US Capitol under a portrait of Justin Smith Morrill, a founding father of the Republican Party.

The US Republicans was once a party where conservatives spoke with bravado and coherence. Today, that same party has been infiltrated by a far-right agenda that has reinstated old slogans and terms and has created new “tongue n cheek, satirical meanings to historical events. These are just a few:

“Let’s Go, Brandon”

“Let’s Go Brandon” is a political slogan and an Internet meme that has been used as a minced oath for “Fuck Joe Biden” about Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States.

The Establishment

The Establishment is a term used to describe a dominant group or elite that controls a polity or an organization. It may comprise a closed social group that selects its members or entrenched elite structures in specific institutions.

“Drain The Swamp”

“Drain the swamp has since been adopted by politicians who use the phrase as a metaphor to “root out corruption.” source.

The Punisher Logo

“The Punisher is representative of the failure of law and order to address the concerns of people who feel abandoned by the legal system,”

“It always struck me as stupid and ironic that members of the police are embracing what is fundamentally an outlaw symbol.”

That was from Punisher creator Gerry Conway for a Forbes article who has been at odds with US militia groups and law enforcement recently using the Punisher logo. It’s as if these groups intentionally took the Logo to mask lawless behavior, all while pretending to serve the law. We may never get a Disney + Punisher show, thanks to the misrepresentation of the character.


In US politics, Republican In Name Only (RINO) is a pejorative applied to officials elected as members of the Republican Party. Their positions are deemed aligned with the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. Similar terms have been used since the early 1900s.

Republicans like Liz Cheney, the late Colin Powell, and The Bush Family have all been called traitors of their party.


George Washington crosses the Delaware,

This one might be a stretch but bear with me. From countless patriotic T-shirts to mugs, flags, and ugly Christmas sweaters, you would think all of these products with the year 1776 printed on them would be for a resurge in interest or renaissance of the historical year of the United States.

a quick search on Esty for 1776

One would believe that all of this modern admiration for the year 1776 is simply because it is a celebration of the United States as the official beginning of the nation, with the Declaration of Independence issued on July 4. But the united states’ founding fathers are being used as a façade for a different message regarding the Far-right. Revolution.

The current 1776 craze from far-right conservatives’ is a desire to “go back” to when America had to use violence in civil conflict.

Coupled with pro-gun rights activism, 1776 has become a public display(call to action) for open violence towards swamp people part of an establishment, RHINO that are traitors to the cause, and people named Brandon (which in this case would mean violence toward presidents and government officials)

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THE NOTION is an opinion blog. Before, global, national, social, racial and political opinions cloud your mind, you had your own thoughts. hold on to them here.

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THE NOTION is an opinion blog. Before, global, national, social, racial and political opinions cloud your mind, you had your own thoughts. hold on to them here.

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